We STAND for Happy Children!

"In the mindset of going outside of ourselves to make a positive impact in this world, I created the Happy Children Foundation. The Happy Children Foundation is a non-profit organization reaching out to children worldwide. Whether it is nutrition, music and creative art programs, education, or immediate health requirements, the Happy Children Foundation is there.

We are committed to the overall wellbeing of kids, teens and young adults who deserve to be happy! It is essential as a human race we create each generation of children and youth to feel supported, healthy, creative, free from worry, expressive in their unique talents, given permission to truly be themselves, without distress or lack. Regardless of their origin, social position, race, religion, or condition, we are tirelessly engaged in solutions." ---Ron Williams



Music = Soul Nutrition, Creative Passion = Human Connection
Music is a powerful form of communication. Isn't it interesting that you can listen to a speaker in front of a room for 45 minutes and barely remember a word said, and listen to a 45-second chorus in a song and it can transform your soul from the inside-out, on another almost unexplainable level? We stand to give children the opportunity to explore every facet of communication through music, art and creative expression in an effort to touch all living things.

The Happy Children Foundation has passion for music and the arts. We are hands on throughout the community and school programs filled with students who have a desire to learn and explore their natural gifts and creative talents.

Health = Anything is Possible!
It is interesting to note that every three seconds somewhere around the world a child dies from starvation or dehydration. Yet, the money we spend annually in America on weight loss alone is twice the amount of money needed to feed the world's hungry each year.

How is it possible that this generation is labeled the sickest generation of Americans ever, in the wake of more prescriptions and supplements than ever? The bets are being wagered as to whether WE will in fact outlive our children. Maybe we have commercialized health in the name of 'health trends' that we have gotten away from the timelessness of health. If there were anything that was not a trend, it would be your health. Your health is as timeless as the sky is blue. We cannot sustain our dreams if we are stepping over our health.

No Borders = Global Community!
In the eyes and spirit of children, there are no borders, boundaries, or differences between all of us. Only when we as adults dictate our beliefs and fears, is when hope diminishes. The Happy Children Foundation creates an environment that promotes and cultivate the innocents of our youth, creating a global community of givers instead of takers. Wherever you live in the world, there are children who have dreams and imagine a life without limits. We have extended our hand through community stands globally including: Canada, Europe, Africa, South America, Asia and the United States. Every child deserves equal opportunity to experience their significance in the world!

Music "I Wanna Live", vocals by Ron Williams and children singers.